My name is Michael Woods. Back in 2014, I had an accident with defective Bluetooth earphones. I was still in college then and I was studying for an exam while listening to some music when suddenly, my earphones emitted this very loud high pitch sound and then exploded in my ear. Apparently, the battery pack was defective. The company that manufactured the Bluetooth earphones offered to pay all of my medical bills related to my injury for life and gave $20 million. I agreed to their terms given that they offered full refunds on all of the products using the brand of batteries that was used in my Bluetooth earphones. They said not to worry and that they were already doing it.

After the wounds healed, the doctor diagnosed me with tinnitus. I tried all kinds of treatments but couldn’t find one that really worked on me. That is when I decided to change my methods and go herbal. I did some research and saw the benefits of gingko biloba and tried it out myself. It was actually more effective than the other products in the market. It brought me a real sense of tranquility. I decided to invest in research and production of an herbal treatment for people suffering with tinnitus all over the world. We wanted to maximize the benefits of gingko biloba as a treatment.

In 2016, I founded Quart, an herbal remedies company that is 100% made by Americans and launched Tranquillis, a 100% all natural herbal remedy to treat your tinnitus, as our first product. We aim to not only delivery quality products to everyone all over the world but also offer tranquility and peace of mind to all individuals. Since then, we have been looking for different herbal applications to offer remedies to improve your quality of life.