Is Tranquilis a Scam?

In the digital age of today’s modern world, a lot of us rely on technology to accomplish a multitude of tasks that would otherwise have proved to be difficult and tedious. One of these tasks is online shopping, a popular activity that many opt for in lieu of more conventional means of purchasing products as it saves buyers time that would otherwise be spent on looking for the desired items.

One downside of using the internet to buy products is the validity of the items and the transaction, especially for organic and natural products. The Organic Serenity syrup, Tranquilis, is a relatively new product on the market that claims to be an effective way to promote the rest and relaxation that many of us need.

What is Tranquilis?

Hosted on the website of Famille Mary, a business that seems to be focused on developing and manufacturing products with their signature honey as a common ingredient, Tranquilis is aimed at those may have difficulty in getting sleep. With its combination of organic ingredients that are individual hosts to a wide variety of health benefits, in theory it should not just accomplish what its intended purpose is but also serve to prevent and treat different ailments.

Organic composition

Not unlike many organic products, Tranquilis is comprised of different ingredients that yield advantages on their own. Examples of these would be the essential oils included in its organic composition that serve as a way to reduce, if not mitigate persistent spasms like convulsions and muscle cramps, and the dry flower extracts from Hawthorne that promote cardiovascular health.

Longevity of the product

Although no specific details can be found in the product page of Tranquilis, it does contain commonly used preservatives such as Maltodextrin and guar. What this essentially means is that the item itself should last quite long, although it may be best to be sure and check when it expires first upon receiving the product to be absolutely sure.

A genuine organic product or a scam?

It’s not difficult to see why some may be a little hesitant in purchasing Tranquilis since its product page only contains information on the ingredients that it is composed of as well as its price. The actual website however does appear to be well-evaluated based on the sheer number of positive reviews that it has received through the Trustpilot system.

At the end of the day, Tranquilis is an inexpensive product that may be worth trying if all other remedies used have failed in improving relaxation and have been unable to promote healthy sleep. Reasonably affordable at no more than just €16.90, you certainly won’t be breaking the bank.

Please keep in mind however to never take any products with health and medicinal claims without first consulting with a medical specialist or a health professional, especially when suffering from pre-existing conditions since it can potentially have adverse effects.