Tranquilis Ingredients

The popularity of natural products is in a seemingly perpetual rise with more and more people opting for items such as medicine and supplements that are organic in nature over their artificially-made and synthetic counterparts. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that they are generally much more effective and far safer to use.

One such product is the Organic Serenity syrup, Tranquilis. More or less a relatively new item on the market, its remarkable list of ingredients boasts various beneficial effects when it comes to getting a good night’s and can be especially important to those who may be having trouble in sleeping.

Organic Ingredients

Tranquilis is composed of an astonishing amount of organic ingredients, ranging from essential oils found on orange tress with dry extracts from both the root of angelica as well as dry flowers of Hawthorn to dry extracts of Passion flowers. All of these ingredients deliver their own fair share of beneficial effects and can even be a natural remedy for a wide variety of different ailments.


Known for its versatility in use, the medicinal utilization of the essential oils from orange trees can be an effective treatment for spasms such as convulsions and cramps and even serves as a natural sedative to help promote relaxation. The root of angelica on the other hand comes with its own fair share of advantages like stimulating the appetite and improving digestion.

Not to be outdone, the extracts from the dry flowers of Hawthorne has had impressively effective results for cardiovascular-related ailments from improving blood flow and circulation to maintaining the heart’s health. To further enhance the organic syrup even more, the extracts from Passion flowers can be advantageous in lowering blood pressure and mitigating anxiety.


No consumable product today can be without a preservative to keep them from going bad and Tranquilis is no exception to the rule. Maltodextrin, a commonly used food preservative, is included in the mix to ensure longevity while the flour of guar helps improve it even more.

Should you get Tranquilis?

Famille Mary, the website from which the product can be purchased from, offers a 125ml bottle of Tranquilis for a reasonably priced €16.90. While there are currently no reviews listed for the item, it is certainly worth a try at the very least for those who may be suffering from sleeping disorders not just because of how inexpensive it is, but all of the health benefits that each individual ingredient yields.

As a general rule of thumb however, it’s always best to consult with a health specialist first prior to buying to prevent certain issues such as adverse and potentially allergic reactions to the product’s many ingredients.